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With cutting-edge technology and unwavering commitment, we're reshaping your energy experience. Join us in our mission to create a sustainable and empowered tomorrow for generations to come.

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Why Radix Solar

Choosing Radix Solar means embracing a brighter, sustainable future. Discover why we're the trusted partner for all your solar energy needs.

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Your Journey

Preparing for Solar: Learn about the steps involved in setting up your solar system and the estimated timeline for completion.

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Our Solar Products

Quality Solutions for Every Home. Discover the solar products we offer, tailored to meet your unique energy needs.

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Our Commitment

A Greener Future with Radix Solar

At Radix Solar, we are unwavering in our dedication to creating a meaningful positive impact for our clients and communities across the nation. Our mission extends beyond just providing solar solutions; it's about fostering a sustainable and prosperous future for all.

Unique Approach

Our unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service sets us apart

We don't just offer solar solutions; we provide homeowners with an effortless transition to eco-friendly energy, coupled with remarkable savings. We take pride in our exclusive partnerships with leading solar installers, ensuring top-tier installations and access to cutting-edge technology. Radix Solar believes in making sustainable living accessible to everyone through flexible financing options. When you choose us, you're choosing to make a significant difference in your home and our environment.

Radix Solar

Radix Solar's growth is fueled by customer trust, empowering savings.

Our people-centric approach remains unwavering in the ascent within the solar industry. If you're pondering the question, "Is solar worth it?" - look no further. We're
here to provide you with answers and solutions that transcend savings.

Our Promise

A Solar Consultant will visit you to guide you through your solar journey.

They'll address your questions and concerns, ensuring you gain a clear
understanding of how solar can benefit you. When it comes to reducing your energy bills, choosing solar at home is the unrivaled choice. Radix Solar is the premier residential solar company, offering both savings and contributions to a sustainable future. Join us, and let's harness the power of the sun to illuminate your life and financial outlook, from coast to coast.

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Your Journey

1. Preview

Your solar consultant will meet with you and show you a fully customized solar design built for your home and your specific needs. They will review any specific needs or wants you may have for your system, such as adding a battery. Following this process your energy consultant will send this design over to our team of engineers for final design and permitting.

2. Design and permitting

Our engineering team will draft your project plans to meet utility and city/county requirements, and send them to your email. Following this, our permitting specialists will handle all interactions with your City/County, including covering permitting fees, to secure necessary permits.

3. Build

Once we have all permitting and designs complete we will schedule an install date and begin your solar build. Our experienced install crew will work quickly and methodically to install your system to the design specifications.

4. Inspection

Once your job is fully tied into your electrical service panel and all of our documentation is ready for inspection, we’ll schedule an inspection with your city/county. The city/county inspector will come to your home with your solar design plans and verify the installation was done according to plan.

5. Powering up

Once your system passes inspection, we’ll submit for what’s called “Permission to Operate” from your utility company. A representative from your utility will come install a production meter near your service panel that will show you how much energy your system is producing. Then your system can be turned on and you are on your way to a greener, brighter future.

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Our products and Services


At Radix Solar, we pride ourselves on using cutting-edge black-on-black solar panels renowned for their exceptional quality and efficiency. These sleek, elegant panels not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home but also maximize energy production, ensuring optimal performance even in challenging weather conditions. Crafted with premium materials and advanced technology, our black-on-black panels seamlessly blend into your roof, offering a discreet yet powerful solution for harnessing solar energy. Experience the difference with Radix Solar's superior quality solar panels, designed to elevate your energy savings and environmental impact.


We utilize micro inverters as a superior solution for solar energy systems, providing unparalleled benefits for your home. Unlike traditional string inverters, micro inverters operate independently on each solar panel, optimizing energy production even in partial shading or varying sunlight conditions. This individualized approach ensures that the performance of one panel does not affect the output of others, resulting in higher overall efficiency and energy yields. With micro inverters, you'll experience enhanced reliability, flexibility, and monitoring capabilities, allowing for precise system management and maximizing your energy savings. Trust Radix Solar to deliver the most advanced and efficient solar solutions for your home, powered by cutting-edge micro inverter technology.


Our battery solutions are designed to cater to diverse needs, offering comprehensive whole-home solar solutions and addressing specific requirements. Whether you're looking for backup power during outages or seeking to maximize your energy independence, our range of batteries delivers reliable performance and peace of mind. Specifically tailored for California homeowners navigating the complexities of NEM 3.0, our batteries seamlessly integrate with your solar system to optimize energy usage and savings. With Radix Solar, you can count on customizable battery options that empower you to take control of your energy needs and embrace a sustainable future with confidence.

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